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Re: Service Project Ideas Post 1

Post by RSchmitt on Mon Aug 31, 2015 5:42 am

1. Music Badges -- I think it would be so much fun to help local Boy Scouts AND Girl Scouts with music badges! It could be a one-weekend/one-non-football-Saturday workshop, maybe catered to different age groups, to teach about instruments, music appreciation, instrument petting zoo, etc. Back in my day... it's not as daunting as it sounds to "earn" a badge. Perhaps requirements have changed a bit over the past decade (oh wow, I'm dating myself...) but it is most definitely a feasible undertaking for our chapter, or for both chapters. I organized a Christmas workshop at my church for various age ranges of kids. I am in no way volunteering myself to spearhead this endeavor, but I am simply providing supporting evidence that this is a good idea and is worth investigating further.

2. Music Stands -- I agree that we could do a quick project to repair and organize the stands. We could check with the directors too about the required quantities per room or per ensemble, since there are always random ones floating in the dressing rooms and sometimes not enough in band rooms themselves.

3. High Schools -- On a similar note to the Music Badges idea, we could pursue local partnerships in music education. However, this may overlap with the Partners in Music program that Professor Jones runs with the ensembles. I know I've traveled locally for Symphonic Band and for Boiler Brass. We could offer chapter support of that program but we should be careful not to step on toes.

4. Relay -- Drumline always has their own Relay team which is really fun, and I know the Bands & Orchestras have done a team in the past, so maybe we could support department efforts in this, rather than try to fundraise specifically for Kappa Kappa Psi.


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Service Project Ideas Post 1

Post by katieboyer on Mon Aug 31, 2015 4:18 am

1. Boy Scout Music Merit Badge
-----One idea I mentioned in a previous post came from another chapter, where they helped local boy scouts receive a music merit badge. As I've never been in boy scouts, I don't know if this is something possible for Lafayette boy scouts, but it's an interesting one that I think we could have fun with.

2. Music Stands
----We have a lot of music stands. Some are broken. Some can easily be fixed. We can label a certain number for room 30 and room 15, and we can also actually find music stands that are in random locations over Elliott. Overall, we can organize the music stands.

3. High Schools
-----A lot of other chapters I talked to at NatCon did various things with their local high schools. So a lot of projects can stem from this, but it's just a general idea.

4. Relay
-----This can also count as a fundraiser event, but a lot of chapters I talked to hosted some kind of relay event. So I think having a themed relay run or whatever can be creative, fun, productive, and even raise some cash.

Those are my ideas currently, feel free to build off of them!


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